Registration for each lecture must be done online from online invitation or via our website.

Caution: If you are using Google, make sure you are on our current website; Google sometimes posts old pages that may be misleading.

Registration is on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. The seating capacity of our lecture room is limited and this sets a ceiling on our registration numbers. If there are unfilled seats at a lecture then a limited number of tickets will be sold at the door, again on a first come first served basis. The following procedures are designed to make the system fairer for all.

HTAL will decide on a registration date for each of its lecture series and will make this date known on its website and by way of emails and flyers.

Registration is online only.

The terms and conditions under which each registration is accepted are spelled out in our Terms & Conditions. These should be read by every registrant.

Online registration commences at 9 am on the announced date and remains open until the target number of registrations is achieved.

Clicking on Registration at the top of the website menu will open the registration page and the form to be completed.

Once this is done click on ‘submit’ and the payment form will appear.

Once this is completed you may exit the website.

Any person may register online for one person. The person doing the registration must provide an email address and a phone number.

Payment for those registered is done online. We accept major credit cards (Visa or MasterCard) as well as PayPal payments.  In order to provide an online payment system that provides the technical, fraud prevention and banking infrastructure required to operate safe, secure payments, we use the services of PayPal to facilitate payment by credit card.  (Please note:  You do not need a personal PayPal account to use this system.)

Once the capacity of registrations is achieved, a notice of Registration is Closed will be posted on our website.

No waiting list of late registrants will be maintained.