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2022 Fall Series

September 21st

Neglected No More

Presented by Andre Picard, A health reporter and columnist for the Globe and Mail, where he has been a staff writer since 1987. He is also the author of five bestselling books. André is an eight-time nominee for the National Newspaper Awards, Canada’s top journalism prize, and past winner of a prestigious Michener Award for Meritorious Public Service Journalism.

September 28th

The Evolution of the Library in the 21st Century

Presented by Paul Takala, Currently the Chief Librarian/CEO of the Hamilton Public Library. His 25 years in libraries have been focused on using technology innovation and collaborative leadership to increase the impact of public libraries. He held several technology leadership positions at the Hamilton Public Library before becoming Chief Librarian/CEO in 2012.

October 12th

Recognizing and Responding to Family Violence

Presented by Dr. Harriet MacMillan, A psychiatrist and pediatrician conducting family violence research. She is a member of the Offord Centre for Child Studies, a Distinguished University Professor in the Departments of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neurosciences, and of Pediatrics at McMaster University with associate membership in the Department of Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact.

October 26th

Infections and Society: The McMaster Global Nexus Initiative

Presented by Dr. Gerry Wright, The Director of the Michael G. DeGroote Institute for Infectious Disease Research. He is a Professor in the Department of Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences, an Associate member in the Departments of Chemistry and Chemical Biology and of Pathology and Molecular Medicine.

November 2nd

The Causes and Consequences of the Black Death

Presented by Dr. Hendrik Poinar, A molecular evolutionary geneticist and biological anthropologist by training, and relies on both chemical and molecular techniques to elucidate the state of preservation within forensic, archeological and paleontological remains.

2022 Spring Series

April 20th

Managing Elevated Weight as We Age

Presented by Sean Wharton,  Dr. Wharton has degrees in Pharmacy and Medicine from the University of Toronto and the medical director of the Wharton Medical Clinic, a community based internal medicine weight management and diabetes clinic.

April 27th

An Instrument for Every Child – 10 years later

Presented by Astrid Hepner, Originally a professional saxophonist and educator from Cologne, Germany, Astrid Hepner founded the Hamilton Music Collective in 2008 shortly after moving to Hamilton from New York City.

May 4th

Coronavirus: Past, Present and Future

Presented by Zain Chagla, Dr. Chagla is an associate professor at McMaster University, medical co-director of infection control at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton and a consultant in infection control at Woodstock General Hospital.

May 11th

Governing Forced Labour in Supply Chains: Canada in a Global Context

Presented by Judy Fudge, Judy Fudge joined the School of Labor Studies, McMaster University in 2018, where she is the LIUNA Enrico Henry Mancinelli Professor of Global Labor Issues.

May 18th

Vision for McMaster Innovation Park

Presented by Ty Shattuck, Ty Shattuck is CEO of McMaster Innovation Park. He holds a computer engineering degree from Royal Military College and an MBA from Rotman Business School.

May 25th

Developing novel immunotherapies for patients with Glioblastoma

Presented by Sheila Singh, Dr. Sheila Singh is a professor of surgery and biochemistry, and chief pediatric neurosurgeon at McMaster Children’s Hospital.

2022 Winter Series

February 2nd

Sex, Chocolate and the Pelvic floor!

Presented by Kristen Parise,  Physiotherapist for over 20 years and has a graduate degree in Exercise Physiology from McMaster University.

February 9th

Late Life for Artists and Amateurs

Presented by Dr Ellen Ryan, Dr Ellen Ryan, professor emeritus at McMaster University, and leader of Hamilton Aging in Community.

February 16th

Medical Cannabis – How effective? A Concise Review

Presented by Dr James MacKillop, a Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioural Neurosciences at McMaster University.

February 23th

Move the Body Heal the Mind

Presented by Dr Jennifer Heisz, an expert in brain health. She is Associate Professor in the Department of Kinesiology at McMaster University.

March 9th

Gardening for the Soul

Presented by Paul Zammit, a professor of Horticulture at Niagara College, previously held the position of Director of Horticulture at the Toronto Botanical Gardens for 10 years.

2021 Fall Series

September 22nd

The Shaw Festival’s next 60 Years

Presented by Tim Carroll,  Artistic Director of the Shaw Festival, one of North America’s biggest theatre companies.

September 29th

Rise of the Political Right in France

Presented by John Veugelers, Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Toronto. A political sociologist, he has written widely on the far right, immigration politics, social movements, and voluntary associations in Canada, France, and Italy.

October 6th

Retrieving samples from Mars

Presented by Faizan Rehmatullah, a guidance, navigation, and controls specialist at MacDonald-Detwiler Associates, with expertise in the development of autonomous robotic systems for planetary exploration.

October 13th

Confronting Climate Change – Identifying the Pathways to Net Zero 2050

Presented by David Novog, an Industrial Research Chair in Nuclear Safety and has been a professor at McMaster since 2006.

October 20th

China’s Rise to Power – What this means to Canada

Presented by Diana Fu, is associate professor of political science at the University of Toronto and director of the East Asia Seminar Series at the Asian Institute, Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy.

October 27th

Viruses: Friend or Foe

Presented by Dr. Karen Mossman, is a Professor in the Department of Pathology and Molecular Medicine and Vice President (Research) at McMaster University, Canada.

2021 Spring Series

April 14th

That Others May Live: More Than a Motto Among Military Medical Personnel

Presented by Ted Barris,  award-winning journalist, author, and broadcaster. His writing has regularly appeared in the national press, as well as in magazines as diverse as Air Force, esprit de corps and Zoomer.

April 21st

People or Places. Can We Have Both?

Presented by Shannon Kyles, with a degree in History of Art and Architecture. In 1979 she became a pioneer in the field of Computer Aided Design (CAD) at McMaster University and then joined the Engineering department at Mohawk College.

April 28th

The Long and Winding Road Nears its End – Britain after Brexit

Presented by Stephen Heathorn, a fellow of the Royal Historical Society, is Professor in the Department of History at McMaster University, specializing in British and European history, and in particular the cultural politics of nationalism and commemoration.

May 5th

Canada’s Public University system: Is it Time to Move the Graveyard?

Presented by Harvey Weingarten, From 2010 to 2019, Dr. Harvey P. Weingarten served as President and CEO of The Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario (HEQCO).

May 12th

Physically Fit, Mentally Flexible: The Benefits of Exercise for Brain Health

Presented by Jennifer Heisz, is an Associate Professor in Kinesiology and Associate Director (Seniors) of the Physical Activity Centre of Excellence at McMaster University.

May 19th

Perfect City: Toronto, Hamilton and the World in the Age of Cities

Presented by Joe Berridge, is an urban planner and city builder who has had an integral role in the development of complex urban planning and regeneration projects in Canada, the U.S., the U.K., Europe and Asia.

2021 Winter Series

January 20th

Humour Your Stress: and  Documentary – “Laughing and crying”

Presented by Sharron Jonhston, retired assistant professor from the Department of Psychiatry at McMaster University.

January 27th

History of Toronto Cinema

Presented by Adam Nayman, Toronto based film critic and lecturer.

February 10th

Recipes in time for Valentines

Presented by Chef Tyson Lambert, worked on TV shows: Chopped Canada, Bake with Anna Olson and Fire Masters.

February 24th

Motion Picture Censorship

Presented by Gabriella Marceau, Writer, critic, and lecturer living in Toronto.

March 24th

Contradictory Morality and Humour of the Coen brother’s movies

Presented by Adam Nayman, Toronto based film critic and lecturer.

2020 Fall Lectures

October 7th
The Aging Population, the Pandemic and Fiscal Policy

Presented by: Bill Scarth, Professor Emeritus in the Economics Department at McMaster University

October 14th
Understanding 5G

Presented by: Tim Davidson, Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, McMaster University, and Chair of the Department.

October 21st
COVID-19 Experience

Presented by: Greg Rutledge, Chief of Emergency & Planning at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Hamilton

October 28th
Extreme Equality: How to Use Math to Create a More Equitable and Prosperous Society

Presented by: John Mighton, Playwright turned Mathematician and Author

November 4th
Are we approaching a post-antibiotic era?

Presented by: Gerry Wright, Professor in the Department of Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences at McMaster University

2019 Lectures

Code Red: What do the Vital Signs tell us about our City?
Presented by Steven Buist of the Hamilton Spectator

Putting Bertrand Russell in His Place
Presented by Vivian Lewis, McMaster University

Looking Beyond Conventional Water Resources to Address the Global Water Crisis
Presented by Manzoor Qadir ,UN University in Hamilton

The Past, Present and Future of Work
Presented by Sunil Johal, University of Toronto

The Future is Aging: Challenges and Opportunities for Science, Society and our Aging Selves
Presented by Anne Martin-Matthews, University of British Columbia

A New Toolbox for Mankind: How Synthetic Biology will Change the World
Presented by Mark Poznansky, Toronto

From Silence to Full Orchestra
Presented by Abigail Richardson-Schulte, Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra
YouTube Video of Lecture

Why China Needs to Democratize Sooner Rather than Later
Presented by Joseph Wong, University of Toronto.
YouTube Video of Lecture

Walking Through the Rubble of Brexit
Presented by Stephen Heathorn, McMaster University
YouTube Video of Lecture

The Kids Are All Right?
Presented by Peter Bieling, McMaster University
YouTube Video of Lecture

What Happens When We Flush the Toilet
Presented by Karen Kidd, McMaster University
YouTube Video of Lecture

Can Western Democracy Survive
Presented by Lucan Way, University of Toronto
YouTube Video of Lecture

2018 Lectures

From Hamilton Mountain to the Frontlines of Humanitarian Aid and the Frontiers of Medicine
Presented by Richard Heinzl, Toronto

Vision, Aging and the Brain
Presented by Allison Sekuler, McMaster University

Maximum Hamilton: The Past, Present and Future of the Region’s Population History
Presented by Doug Saunders, Toronto

Fighting the Good Fight Against Alternative Facts
Presented by Steve Paikin, Toronto

Moving from Truth to Reconciliation–and Making it all Real
Presented by Bob Rae, Toronto

People and the Bay’ Hamilton Harbour Then and Now
Presented by Nancy Bouchier and Ken Cruikshank, McMaster University.

How Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are Transforming Healthcare
Presented by Jim Magahey, IBM Canada

Environment and Climate Change

Presented by the Hon. Catherine McKenna, Ottawa

Transformation at the LCBO and the Future of our Market
Presented by George Soleas, Toronto

Cultural Landscapes and Sense of Place
Presented by David Galbraith, RBG

Solving a Global Nutritional Challenge–A Made in Canada Solution
Presented by Stanley Zlotkin, University of Toronto

Irrationalities, Nudges and Bubbles in the Contemporary Art Market
Presented by Don Thompson, York University

2017 Lectures

Subject to Interpretation
Presented by Gemma New, Music Director, Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra

Patient Engagement in Chronic Pain Research
Presented by Norm Buckley, Prof Anaesthesia, McMaster University

Hamilton on the Cusp
Presented by Richard Harris, Prof Geography, McMaster University

The Ruin of the Twentieth Century Returns: Brexit and the Revival of European Exclusionary Nationalism
Presented by Stephen Heathorn, Prof History, McMaster University

Canada and the Two Freedoms
Presented by Hugh Segal, Master, Massey College, Univ Toronto

Living Islands: Coping with sea-level rise and climate change in the Pacific Islands
Presented by Simon Donner, Prof Geography, Univ British Columbia

Current Issues in Human Rights
Presented by Renu Mandhane, Ontario Human Rights Commissioner

Bacteria and Behavior: Curious Travel in Another World
Presented by John Bienenstock, Prof Medicine & Pathology, McMaster University

Life in the Greater Golden Horseshoe: The Next 25 Years
Presented by David Crombie, Toronto

Religion, Nationalism and Political Polarization in the Modern Middle East
Presented by James Reilly, Prof Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations, Univ Toronto

Fostering Resilient Aging through Creativity, Community and Contribution
Presented by Ellen Ryan, Prof Health, Aging & Society, McMaster Univ

Infrastructure Decision-Making in Ontario
Presented by Matti Siemiatycki, Prof Geography, Univ Toronto

2016 Lectures

A City is not Great…Until it is Great for Everyone.
Presented by Paul Johnson, City of Hamilton

Online Health Management Systems
Presented by Norm Archer, Prof. of Business, McMaster University.

What’s all the Fuss about the Early Years?
Presented by Jean Clinton, Prof. of Psychiatry, McMaster University

India’s Rise: Implications for Canada
Presented by Kasi Rao, Asia Pacific Fdn. of Canada, Toronto

From Shorthand to Smartphones: How the World of Journalists and their Craft is Changing
Presented by Janice Neil, Prof. of Journalism, Ryerson University

Fracking: its Character and Consequences
Presented by Bob McNutt, Prof. Emeritus of Geology, McMaster University.

The Effects of Digital Disruption on Society
Presented by Dan Dunsky, Toronto

Jazz: Music of the People
Presented by Heather Bambrick, Toronto

Trade: Opportunity or Threat for Global Food Security
Presented by Jennifer Clapp, Prof. Waterloo University

Sectarianism in the Muslim World
Presented by Liyakat Takim, Prof. of Religious Studies, McMaster University

The Coming Plague
Presented by Ann Herring, Prof. of Anthropology, McMaster University

Medical Assistance in Dying: How Do I Respond Personally?
Presented by John Buttars, United Church, Guelph

2015 Lectures

The Elusive Pursuit of Integrated Care and Caring
Presented by Kevin Smith , President & CEO of St Joseph’s Health System.

An Innovation Agenda for the National Ballet of Canada
Presented by Barry Hughson, Executive Director of the National Ballet Canada.

Sticks and Carrots: Government and Labour in the Canadian Automotive Industry
Presented by Charlotte Yates, Provost at The University of Guelph.

The City We Need
Presented by Terry Cooke, President & CEO of The Hamilton Community Foundation.

Current and Future Applications of Robotics in Surgery
Presented by Mehran Anvari, Professor of Surgery at McMaster University.

Income Inequality: What Governments Can Do.
Presented by Bill Scarth, Professor of Economics at McMaster University.

The 2015 Federal Election: the Stakes for Ontario
Presented by Matthew Mendelsohn, Prof. Political Science, Univ. of Toronto

The Promise and Perils of Nanotechnology
Presented by John Preston, Prof. Engineering Physics, McMaster University

Victory and After
Presented by Antoni Cimolino, Artistic Director, Stratford Festival

Avoiding the Ostrich Syndrome to Climate Change
Presented by Savitri Jetoo, Postdoctoral scholar, McMaster University

The Internet After Snowden: Surveillance, Privacy and the Future of Global Communications
Presented by Ronald Deibert, Prof. Political Science, Director Citizen Lab, Univ of Toronto

Understanding Human Diversity in the 21st Century
Presented by Jack Pasternak, Prof. Emeritus of Biology, Univ. of Waterloo

2014 Lectures

The Future of Art Galleries
Presented by Louise Dompierre , President & CEO Art Gallery of Hamilton

Answering the University’s Critics
Presented by Patrick Deane, President of McMaster University

Human Stem Cells: Biology & Applications Toward the Clinic
Presented by Mickie Bhatia, Director Stem Cells & Cancer Research Inst., McMaster

Why Have Some Canadians Become Terrorists?
Presented by Lorne Dawson, Prof. of Sociology, Univ of Waterloo

Living in the City
Presented by Joe Berridge, partner Urban Strategies Inc., Toronto

Live Music in the 21st Century; Challenges & Opportunities
Presented by James Somerville, Music Director Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra

The Theatre: A Necessary Mirror for the 21st Century
Presented by Jackie Maxwell Artistic Director of the Shaw Festival

Our Global Climate is Changing; Canadians’ Role in Addressing the Issue
Presented by Gordon McBean, Director of Western University’s Centre for Environment and Sustainability

Music that Moves Us: From Rhythm to Social Behaviour in Children
Presented by Laurel Trainor, Professor of Psychology at McMaster University

The Fear of Food
Presented by Harvey Levenstein, Prof Emeritus of History, McMaster University

China and the Challenge for Canadian Foreign Policy
Presented by David Mulroney, a former Canadian Ambassador to China

Navigating the Health Care System
Presented by Francesca Grosso, a Principal of Grosso McCarthy,Toronto

2013 Lectures

Understanding the European Economic Crisis
Presented by Martin Horn, Professor of History, McMaster University

High Hopes for Personalized Medicine
Presented by Jack Pasternak, Professor Emeritus of Biology, University of Waterloo

Religious Martyrdom in the Early Modern World: a 21st Century Perspective
Presented by Graham Roebuck, Professor Emeritus of English, McMaster University

What is the Universe Made of? New Evidence from the Very Large and Very Small
Presented by Cliff Burgess, Professor of Physics, McMaster University

The Social Media Revolution
Presented by Dan Dunsky, Executive Producer of TVO’s The Agenda

Sex Differences in the Brain: Their Consequences?
Presented by Sandra Witelson, Professor of Psychiatry & Behavioral Neurosciences, McMaster University

Where Have All the Mass Media Gone?
Presented by Mr. Robert Harris, the classical music reviewer for The Globe and Mail

How Doctors Think:  Models of Clinical Reasoning
Presented by Dr. Geoff Norman, Professor of Clinical Epidemiology & Biostatistics at McMaster University

The Humanities in the 21st Century
Presented by Dr. Alvin Lee, President Emeritus and Professor Emeritus of English at McMaster University

An Earth Sciences Perspective on Global Climate Change
Presented by Dr. Andrew Miall, Professor of Geology at the University of Toronto  

The Arab Spring:  Illusive Seasonality or More Permanent Transformation?
Presented by Dr. Atif Kubursi, Professor Emeritus of Economics at McMaster University

Turkey in a Dangerous Neighborhood:  the New Eastern Question
Presented by Dr. Virginia Aksan, Professor Emeritus of History at McMaster University