In-person lectures take place at:

The Westdale Theatre
1014 King Steet West

In the quaint village of Westdale.

The Theatre is wheelchair accessible and offers a concession stand for the purchase of coffee, tea, tasty popcorn and other treats. There are many delightful neighbouring restaurants and bistros for post lecture dining.

There is paid meter parking along King Street ($1.50 per hour 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday) and 2 hour parking on some adjacent community streets.

Parking is limited and we recommend car pooling or using public transit if appropriate.

Download details of Westdale Parking Information

The Westdale Theatre Image provided by Vogel Creative

Image provided by Vogel Creative

Special Announcement About Westdale Parking

The HTAL Board is pleased to inform subscribers of an arrangement that it has made with Hamilton Parking Authority (“HPA”) regarding parking on neighbourhood streets near The Westdale Theatre. As a general rule those streets have a one hour time limit for parking. The HPA will pause proactive enforcement, subject to certain conditions. This arrangement applies ONLY to the HTAL Autumn Lecture Series, which lectures will be on five consecutive Wednesday mornings, namely September 20, 27, October 4, 11 and 18, 2023.

  1. By-Law Officers will pause proactive enforcement of the one hour parking time until 12 noon on those five dates. For example, if a subscriber parks her car at 9:30 am., goes to the Theatre for the lecture and does not move her car until 11:45 am., an Officer will NOT issue a ticket.
  2. The Officers’ pause on proactive enforcement does NOT apply to other general parking prohibitions. For example, if an HTAL subscriber parks his car too close to a fire hydrant, too close to an intersection or so close to a homeowner’s driveway that she has difficulty exiting or entering her driveway then an Officer will issue a ticket for those infractions.
  3. Please note that in the event that a homeowner makes a complaint to an Officer that an HTAL subscriber’s car has been parked for more than one hour on a street the Officer may issue a ticket despite the arrangement described in # 1 above. However, HTAL hopes that Officers will exercise their discretion NOT to issue a ticket in this situation.

The HTAL Board thanks the HPA and Mary Louise Pigott, Constituency Assistant in Councillor Maureen Wilson’s Ward One Office,  for their assistance and cooperation in implementing this arrangement.

I am looking forward to the new venue at The Westdale Theatre and to the social gathering before or after.


Registered Lecture Attendee