HTAL Officers & Committees

President/Chair—Rosemary Knechtel

Vice-Chair—Carolyn Rosenthal

Secretary­–Gillian Anchel

Treasurer—Richard Sexton

Board—Gillian Anchel, Sharron Johnston, Les King, Rosemary Knechtel (chair), Graham Knight, Mona Levenstein, Judith McCulloch, Tony Petric, Carolyn Rosenthal, Richard Sexton, Linda Spooner, Kathy Watts

Honorary Members of the Corporation–Carolyn Milne, Leila Ryan, Vincie Travale

Nominating Committee—Gillian Anchel, Rosemary Knechtel (chair), Carolyn Milne, Carolyn Rosenthal, Richard Sexton

Finance Committee—Ian Cowan, Pam Lakin, Richard Sexton (chair),Kathy Watts

Marketing & Communications—Tony Petric (chair), Les King

Program & Facilities—Virginia Aksan, Allan Greve, Les King,  Mona Levenstein (chair), Betty Ann Levy, Marnie Pakin, Tony Petric

Registration & Hospitality—Gillian Anchel, Sharron Anderson, Sandra Black, Eileen Carrigan, Jane Heinzl, Linda Hughes, Sharon McChesney, Carolyn Rosenthal (chair), Esther Simpson, Linda Spooner

Development—Gillian Anchel, David Johnston, Sharron Johnston (chair), Shelley Kitchen, Graham Knight, Mona Levenstein, Carolyn Rosenthal, Bev Ruffo, Don Rosenthal, Richard Sexton

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